• 1997
    Co-Founded by Mixed Ownership
    (Metallurgy Research Institution/Smelter/Private Sector)
    High Purity Material Division set up
  • 1999
    Antimony/Tellurium/Cadmium/CZT 5N-7N to USA
  • 2001
    ISO9001:2000 Certified
    Silicon & Compounds Semiconductor Division set up
    Silicon Wafer 2"-6" to USA/South Korea/EU/Taiwan
    FZ NTD wafer successfully support the fabrication of power device
  • 2002
    Tellurium/Cadmium/Sulfur 5N-7N to Japan/France/Canada
    Advanced Material Division set up
    Casting Tungsten Carbide/RTP Powder to EU/Japan/South Korea/USA
  • 2003
    Chem-Met Division set up
    Rare Earth Oxides/Metal to England/Russian/Japan
    Technology upgrade of oxides Bi2O3/TeO2/ In2O3/ Co2O3/ Sb2O3 4N 5N purity Li2Co3 99.99% to Canada, Japan, USA
  • 2007
    Analysis done by GDMS instrument introduced from USA
    GaAs Substrate to Germany/Israel
    Arsenic/Zinc/Tellurium/Cadmium/CZT 6N 7N to France/Korea/Israel
  • 2013
    ISO9001:2008 Certified
    InSb/InP/GaSb to Japan/Germany/USA market
  • 2015
    Reorganized to Western Minetals (SC) Corporation
    ISO9001:2015 Certified
    International Marketing Division set up for business sourcing from China
  • 2016
    Metallic compounds subsidery operation
    CdMnTe/SIN/AlN Disc/lump to Germany/USA
  • 2018
    SiC/GaN 3G advanced compound semiconductor completed in our facility
    Antimony 5N-7N capacity expansion for doping/high purity alloy/compounds
  • Present

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