2023 Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition

With the outbreak of new energy vehicles and 5G products, and the third-generation semiconductor materials led by GaN and SiC will become the core materials that support “new infrastructure”, China’s third-generation semiconductor material industry will usher in huge development opportunities. While 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies promote the number of equipment connections and explosive growth, the artificial intelligence Internet of Things (AIOT), new terminals and new energy/unmanned cars all put forward new requirements for chips to chips. Essence Under the traditional Moore’s law, the size is slightly close to the physical and economic limit, new technologies and new materials such as new devices, advanced packaging and third-generation semiconductors will lead the semiconductor industry to a new industrial structure.


The 5th 5G & Semiconductor Industry Technology Summit will focus on the diversified development and technological innovation of the semiconductor material industry chain, and invite semiconductor manufacturing materials, raw materials and other aspects of industry experts and enterprise representatives to exchange sharing to promote the deep integration and development of 5G and new generation of information technology.

Post time: 07-06-23
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