Non-sag Tungsten Wire Replaces High Carbon Steel Wire as Base Material of Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond wire saw, also known as diamond wire, refers to a cutting wire that uses electroplating process or resin bonding method to fix diamond abrasive on metal wire. It is mainly used to cut high hard and brittle materials such as single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, sapphire, magnetic materials and cemented carbide, etc.


Compared with free abrasive wire saws, it has the advantages of higher processing efficiency, lower energy consumption, and better cutting quality; compared with circular saws and band saws, it can not only flexibly change the cutting direction, but also process more complex geometric shapes. However, this does not mean that the wire saw does not have any shortcomings. The current wire saw with carbon steel wire as the busbar/base material has the shortcomings of large wire diameter, high wire breakage rate and short service life. Therefore, in order to make up for the deficiencies of the existing wire saws, manufacturers began to use non-sag tungsten wire to replace high carbon steel wire as the base material of diamond wire.

For the production of diamond wire saws based on tungsten wire, researchers with the patent number CN113275659A proposed a new manufacturing method. The process is as follows: (1) Optimal black tungsten wire, which goes through pay-off → three-stage electropolishing → water washing → drying → Take up the wire to prepare silver-white metallic luster tungsten wire; (2) The tungsten wire treated in step (1) is successively paid off → secondary degreasing → pickling → impact nickel → sanding → sand fixing → heat treatment → After taking up the wire, a tungsten-based diamond wire saw with a wire diameter of 30~40um can be prepared.

Thanks to the characteristics of tungsten, the tungsten-based diamond wire saw can be much cost-effectively than before and now most enterprises are trying to use the new kind of wire despite the supply of this wire is very tight. Chinatungsten Online can supply this tungsten wire. If you have got the purchasing plan, please feel free to contact us.


Post time: 17-10-22
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