2022 China Tianjin International Target Products and High Purity Metal Materials Exhibition

At the same time: target product application seminar, high purity metal material development forum

Time: August 23-25, 2022

Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin)

Exhibition Introduction:  With the rapid development of electronic devices such as electronic information, integrated circuits, computers and new displays, the demand for high-strength, high-conductivity and high-purity metal materials and target materials will continue to grow, and the performance and quality requirements will become higher and higher.  In order to promote the products of target and the application and development of optical coating industry, promote the industry, the cooperation and communication between enterprise and market, the 2022 China (tianjin) international exhibition of target products and high purity metal materials since founded in 2013, the exhibition scale and rising popularity, by the industry and the terminal application of target enterprise’s attention,  It will be held in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) from August 23 to 25, 2022.  The exhibition provides a centralized display platform for new technologies, new materials, new products and new application technology achievements in various fields in China’s target industry. It also plays a pivotal role in displaying corporate image, promoting product brands, collecting market information and strengthening industry exchanges for target enterprises.

Scope of Exhibition:

High purity metals: high purity metals and materials, high purity oxides, high purity fluoride, high purity compounds, high purity electronic chemicals, high purity reagents, etc.

Preparation of high purity metal materials: purification, smelting, heat treatment, industrial furnace, manufacturing process, production technology, analysis and detection, etc.

Other related: Non-ferrous metal materials, metal materials, rare metal materials, refractory metal materials, rare earth materials, functional/precision alloy materials, evaporation materials, coating materials, coating materials, vacuum coating, functional films, semiconductor materials, optical materials, key OLED materials, photovoltaic materials, electronic ceramics, window for laser, ultraviolet radiation, crystal materials, nano materials, metal powder At the end of the etc.

Post time: 04-07-22
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