Lithium Sulfide Li2S | Li2S+GeS2+P2S5/Li2S+SiS2+Al2S3


Lithium Sulfide Li2S 99.99% is yellowish white crystal, CAS 12136-58-2, MW 45.95, density 1.66g/cm3, melting point 938°C, boiling point 1372°C, reacts strongly with water and soluble in water, ethanol and acid but insoluble in alkali. Lithium Sulfide exists in two forms of orthorhombic and cubic structure with density of 1.75g/cm3 and 1.63g/cm3 respectively. Being an anti-fluorite compound semiconductor and its cubic Li2S an indirect band-gap semiconductor of 3.865 eV, Lithium Sulfide is specially designed for high performance batteries application where can be either applied as electrode material or as precursor for solid electrolytes. Compared with organic liquid or gel electrolyte, solid electrolyte Lithium Sulfide has the advantages of high safety, thermal stability and electrochemical stability, greater lithium ion conductivity and is safe in a wide voltage range.


Lithium Sulfide Li2S and Li2S+GeS2+ P2S5 and Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3 are considered to be a promising cathode material for safer energy storage cells, which has long life, high volume and high energy characteristics, and will become the development trend of electrolyte material in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, glass rubber, friction equipment and for light and safe portable electronic devices etc. Sulfide Solid Electrolytes Lithium Sulfur Li2S and Li2S+GeS2+ P2S5 and Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3  are also growing an important part of clean energy system for power supply and energy storage equipment for military, electric vehicle, ship and aerospace. 



Technical Specification

Sulfide Compounds

Sulfide Compounds mainly refer to the metal elements and metalloid compounds, which have stoichiometric composition changing within a certain range to form a compound-based solid solution. Inter-metallic compound is of its excellent properties between the metal and ceramic, and become an important branch of the new structural materials. Sulfides Compound of Arsenic Sulfide As2S3, Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3, Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3, Germanium Sulfide GeS2, Indium Sulfide In2S3, Lithium Sulfide Li2S,  Molybdenum Sulfide MoS2, Selenium Sulfide SeS2, Sliver Sulfide Ag2S, Solid Electrolytes Li2S+GeS2+P2Sand Li2S+SiS2+ Al2Smulti-element sulfide composite electrode material, Tin Selenide SnS2, Titanium Sulfide TiS2, Zinc Sulfide ZnS and its (Li, Na, K, Be, Mg, Ca) compounds and Rare Earth compounds can also be synthesized in form of powder, granule, lump, bar, crystal and substrate

Li2S (3)


Lithium Sulfide Li2S 99.99% and Solid Electrolyte Materials Li2S+GeS2+ P2Sand Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S99.99% at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation can be delivered in form of powder -60mesh, -80mesh, granule 1-6mm, lump 1-20mm, chunk, blank, bulk crystal and single crystal etc or as customized specification to reach the prefect solution.  

No.   Item Standard Specification
Formula Purity Impurity PPM Max each
1         Arsenic Sulfide  As2S3  5N Available Upon Request.


Special specification can be customized

2         Bismuth Sulfide  Bi2S3  4N
3         Cadmium Sulfide CdS 5N
4         Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3 4N 5N
5         Germanium Sulfide GeS2 4N 5N
6         Indium Sulfide In2S3 4N
7         Lithium Sulfide Li2S 4N
8         Molybdenum Sulfide MoS2 4N
9         Selenium Sulfide SeS2 4N 5N
10         Silver Sulfide Ag2S 5N
11         Tin Sulfide SnS2 4N 5N
12         Titanium Sulfide TiS2 3N 4N 5N
13         Zinc Sulfide ZnS 3N
14         Sulfide Solid Electrolytes Li2S+GeS2+P2S5 4N
Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3 4N
15   Size -60/-80mesh, 1-20mm Lump, 1-6mm Granule, Target or Blank
16   Packing In polyethylene bottle or composite bag, 1kg each.

Sulfide Solid Electrolytes


Sulfide Solid Electrolytes Li2S+GeS2+P2S5 and Li2S+SiS2+Al2S3 99.99% All-solid-state lithium battery with non combustible solid electrolyte can avoid the risk of inflammable and explosive, short life and low energy density, meanwhile solid electrolytes can also effectively inhibit the formation of lithium dendrite to improve service life of the battery. Among which sulfide-based solid electrolytes have become more widespread and attracted significant attention because they possess high conductivities and good mechanical properties for the formation of effective interfaces between solids. The most typical sulfide crystalline solid electrolyte is thio-LISICON, a lithium superionic conductor found in the Li2S-GeS2-P2S5 system, which demonstrates highest lithium-ion conductivity of 2.2 × 10-3s cm-1 at room temperature, together with negligible electronic conductivity, high electrochemical stability, wide operating voltage window. Li2S+GeS2+ P2S5 and Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3, a novel and promising solid electrolytes prepared by a high-energy ball-milling process or by a conventional melt-quenching method, act as both an ionic conductor and a separating membrane in all-solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries. 

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Li2S  Li2S+GeS2+ P2S5       Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3

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