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Tantalum Ta, a shiny and silvery transition metal, CAS 7440-25-7, melting point 2996℃,boiling point 5425℃,density 16.6 g/cm³, mass 180.9479, is of great malleability, modest hardness, strong toughness, lower thermal expansion coefficient and excellent corrosion resistance. It does not react with hydrochloric acid, concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia under both cold and hot conditions, but only reacts with hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated sulfuric acid. Tantalum at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation can be delivered in size of rod, plate, sheet, powder, wire, foil, tube and customized product for different applications.


The characteristics of tantalum make it widely used in chemical, electronic, electrical and other industrial fields. One of the most important uses is for capacitor production. An oxide layer which forms on the surface of tantalum can act as an insulating layer with the advantages of large capacity, small volume and good reliability, which makes s attractive for portable electronics. Tantalum is a material for making electron emitter, rectifier and high power electron tube parts. The anti-corrosion equipment made of tantalum is used in the production of strong acid, bromine, ammonia and other chemical industries. Tantalum and its alloys can be used as structural materials for combustion chambers of aircraft engines, heat-resistant and high-strength materials, supporting accessories, heat shield, heater and radiator in high temperature vacuum furnace. Tantalum causes no immune response in mammals, so has found wide use in the making of surgical implants, such as thin sheets or threads to repair damaged tissues.                            



Technical Specification

Tantalum | Zirconium

Tantalum at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation can be delivered in size of rod, plate, sheet, powder, wire, foil, tube and customized product for different applications.

Zirconium and zirconium alloy have good plasticity and can be fabricated in the form of pipe, plate, bar, tube, rod, powder, foil and wires for different application. 

Tantalum (2)

Zirconium (1)

No. Item  Standard Specification
Tantalum Ta Zirconium Zr
1 Purity ≥99.9% Zr+Hf ≥99.4% Hf 2.0
2 Impurity PCT Max each H 0.008, Cu/W/Mo/K0.001, Nb/Cr 0.003, C/Fe/Ti/Al/Mn/Na 0.005,N 0.015, O 0.25 Ni/Mn/N 0.01, Pb/Ti 0.005, Cr 0.02, O/Fe 0.1,
3 Size    Plate (1.0-5.0)×1000×L >1.0×1000×L
   Sheet (0.1-1.0)×650×L (0.1-0.9) ×600×L
   Strip (0.01-0.09)×110×L -
   Foil (0.5-30)×(0.2-5.0)×L (0.01-0.09) ×110×L
   Rod D(3.0-45)×L D(3.0-100)xL
   Wire D0.1-D3.0 D0.1-D3.0
   Powder -100, -200, -300mesh -100,-200,-300mesh
   Tube D(0.5-30)×(0.2-5.0)×L (22.0-150)×(22.0-150) ×(0.8-3.0)×L,  D(3.0-200)×(0.15-5.0)×L
   Target Available Upon Request  Available Upon Request
4 Packing 25/50kgs in iron drum, or in plywood case

Zirconium Zr, a kind of light gray and high melting point rare metal, CAS 7440-67-7, melting point 1852℃, boiling point 4377℃, mass 91.224, density 6.49g/cm3, has excellent corrosion resistance to a variety of acids, alkali and salts, but soluble in hydrofluoric acid and aqua regia. Zirconium is widely used in the fields of aerospace, military, electronic industry, nuclear reaction and atomic energy to make corrosion-resistant parts, special high strength and superalloy materials. 

Tantalum (3)


Zirconium (2)

Zirconium  has strong affinity with oxygen, nitrogen and other gases, and can be used as hydrogen storage materials in the electric vacuum industry which electronic tubes and other electric vacuum instruments with high vacuum are widely made to improve their quality and prolong their service time.  Zirconium is used for deoxidation, nitrogen removal and sulfur removal in metallurgical industry to greatly improved the hardness and strength of steel for the production of armor steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. Being good corrosion resistance, moderate mechanical properties, low atomic thermal neutron absorption cross section and good compatibility with nuclear fuel, It is used in nuclear energy industry as structural material, cladding and pressure pipe of reactor core

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